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I’m sure you meant it when you created “Bullet Head”. But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The final result can be called Original and Original, but there are also some flaws in this Film, which is filled with well-known movie stars. Did Adrien Brody and John Malkovich (multiple Oscar nominees and actors) opt for easy money? I sometimes had this feeling with Antonio Banderas when I saw him play in “Security”, “Acts of Vengeance” and “Black Butterfly”, for example (although he is not of the same caliber as Bruce Willis). So I found it pretty obvious. Adrien Brody also has some flaws in his name (remember “American Heist”?). But I didn’t expect this from such a legendary actor as John Malkovich (who stole the show in “Unlocked” and “Cut Bank”). But watching this rather not-known film, there is more than a cliché Routine and eye-catching action scenes. As someone mentioned somewhere, it’s a mixture of “tank dogs” and “Cujo”.

GOOD DOG. Have a seat. Run!

To be honest, I found the main story the least interesting. Three thieves must hide in an leaved warehouse, where they are waiting for a new Transport. To their dismay, they discover that the empty building was once a place where unlawful aerial action took place. And such a bloodthirsty specimen freely walks through the building and instinctively begins to chase the three unfortunate lawbreakers. Probably conditioned by anti-animal practices and transformed into a crazy action machine. And then Antonio Banderas appears. He is the owner of this schizophrenic animal and looks like a badass from the world of delinquents.


It looks promising. An lawbreaker and a slobbering Terminator dog who likes to tear you to pieces. And a Royal kingpin in a long black coat and leather gloves who blows peril with an automatic weapon when he discovers that the three of them accidentally found his money in this dilapidated building. In the end, this part of the film completes the most important theme. And it’s actually about these three predators and their attitude towards animals. And also the mutual respect that can arise between man and animal. “Bullet Head” is richly filled with dialogues between the three close thieves. The conversations between Adrien Brody and John Malkovich are entertaining. Above all, the individual stories they tell each other are hilarious on the one hand and very moving on the other. The story of Malkovich and his tropical fish is extremely funny.


I don’t know why the dog was called De Niro (which would also originally be the title of the movie). Perhaps because the dog has a muscular physique and a notorious reputation. Or because the name corresponds to the star. The only one who doesn’t have a full repertoire yet is Rory Culkin (who, in my opinion, did better in “Jack goes home“). If you are waiting for an action-packed detective story, you will be a little disappointed. In addition to the exciting confrontation between Brody and the imposing action dog, where a piano attracts all eyes, the dialogues play a central role. Overall, it was an entertaining movie.

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