Let Know About a Handpan History and Tips to Play


A Handpan is a musical instrument from a relatively small family of instruments. It has the shape of a UFO and is very easy to play. Two sets of steel sheets are assembled in a mold that has the shape of a pan. That is why it is locally called Handrum or UFO drum, etc. It is an effective Instrument because it is completely easy to wear. It can be played easily with the hands and does not require much specialization to play it, since its tuner is set at the top and can sometimes be at the bottom, already in the way it is built.

It has a sound that helps to invent beautiful and fascinating musical sounds that generate kinetic energy, which gives a peaceful mind without much effort or specialization in playing the Handpan. It is the best Instrument for people who like to meditate and traditionally related compositions.


There are rarely instruments that produce musical melodic sounds simply by playing them with the hands. The origin of the Handpan was in Switzerland, where a family working with steels invented this Instrument. Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer were the original Inventors who gave the Instrument a name called Hangpan – Hang is called Hand in German because the Instrument is played with the hands.

In 2001, Felix and Sabina presented the Instrument at a large fair at the Frankfurt Fair, from where the Handpan flew among the people. After that, in 2007, the development of various other versions of the Handpan began. Some critics did not consider Handpan a musical instrument, but an artistic work. In some places, the Instrument was still called “Hang” instead of “Handpan”, but there are differences between the two. Although these two instruments tend to have the same playing style, The origin and the inventor are differences that vary.


Handpan is a traditional Instrument, but it is not available to everyone. Even at the great Frankfurt Motor Show in 2001, due to its reduced production, the Handpan was not accessible to many people as an interesting Instrument. As it became more and more popular, there was a gradual increase in the production of the instrument. You may not be able to launch a real Handpan now, but you can get a different Version of the Handpan on e-commerce sites. You can read these comments for more information. They are simply an excellent source for producing fantastic music and the goal has been achieved.

The best thing about this Instrument is that you don’t need to learn any professional techniques or have any talents. All you have to do is play them with your hands and fingers. The instrument is so invented that it produces beautiful sounds at the slightest touch. Mainly, just a little practice is all you need to play this beautiful musical instrument.

Calmness and elegance are necessary to play the instrument. This should be done by the gentle touch of your hands. Remember that good things also come with bad things. If you work the sound of the Handpan in a way that is not complete, you could end up producing the worst sound of this instrument. The only basis for obtaining a beautiful sound from the Instrument is the art of soft typing. You can achieve this by practicing only on The Instrument. Overall, it does not require much.


Handpan is an excellent Instrument that does not require special training, just a little practice. Get creative with the Instrument and see what the Instrument has in store for you. A Handpan is an intuitive Instrument. The more gently you touch, the more beautiful the sounds it produces. If, on the other hand, you play the Instrument nervously, you can clearly tell by the sound it produces. Allow yourself to be as creative as possible with the Handpan by simply practicing, and you will not be disappointed by the sounds it produces for you.

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